Delivery Truck

Container Truck

We are also specialized in the distribution of a wide range of pulses. Pulses are a great tasting addition to Mauritian diet as they are rich in fiber and protein. Our pulses are sensational seeds which can be used as  powerful food ingredient that can be used to deliver the results of healthy people.

We bring spices that will enhance the flavor of your cuisine. Our products are processed in hygienic conditions and respect international norms. Our range of spices include curry powder, turmeric, chilies etc.

Our almonds are imported from leading global marketer of premium tree nuts. They are used by well-known bakers in Mauritius. The delicately flavored and versatile almond is available almost throughout the year to make a healthy and tasty addition to both sweet and savory dishes​​.

Packing Machine

Office & Warehouse

Our business started at Route Grannum Vacoas in 1972, where Mr and Mrs Veerapen ran a small shop called Appollo Store. After several years of struggle and hard work, they managed to expand the business and established a new store in La Marie Vacoas. In 1995, they launched their brand name: ROCKET.

The brand became popular and with the trust and faithfulness of the local customers, JM Veerapen Ltd has now grown their premises and market with a cornerstone objective of providing high quality products. 

Ever since it started its operation JM Veerapen ltd has experienced large expansion over the years. Previously operating as a small shop known as Apollo store, today the company, situated at La Marie Road Vacoas is extended over a large-scale area with its 7 warehouses. It is well equipped with 7 machines among which 3 are endowed with the capacity to pack goods of different weights and the remaining are graining machines. The 6 delivery vans at its disposition make it easier for the company to satisfy its ever growing demand. Far from having a dictatorship management, JM Veerapen ltd allow great opportunity for its worker to participate in decision making. Having more than 50 workers the company can operate efficiently and goods are supplied on time thus pleasing customers.